Today we had the incredible opportunity to visit Epping Forest. We took the coach to Essex and started with an orienteering session. We broke up into teams and were each given a map. We had to use our geography and map skills to navigate around the area using different landmarks. There were 6 different stations to go to with a clue at each, relating to a particular time in history!

After this we enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Next up we had our art sessions! We got to sketch different plants and leaves we saw in nature. We also got to collect different items and put them on a sticky card. The goal was to collect every colour of the rainbow, though we did have some trouble locating some blue items. It was SO nice to spend the day together in nature and we had such a blast! Thank you so much to the SVPA for funding the trip! We appreciate all you do for us.

2 comments on “Epping Forest

  1. Sophia Y3 says:

    It was so fun, thanks for planning this!

  2. Thank you,I loved the trip.

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