Farewell for the Summer

Today was the last day of school for all pupils after a very unusual year.


I am incredibly proud of how positive our St. Vincent’s family has remained. Whether at home or at school everyone has worked hard and shown how kind and caring they are.

A number of pupils are leaving St. Vincent’s this year; Year 6 pupils will be transferring to secondary school and a number of children are returning to their home countries. We wish them well and hope that they come back to visit us!

We have a fabulous record of our talented Year 6 in the form of the production of Joseph-an amazing online extravaganza! Today Father Christopher celebrated mass to mark the end of their primary school experience and the start of exciting new beginnings at secondary school.  Our faith has provided strength during these difficult time and will continue to shine a light for us.

We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school in September. Until then we wish you all a wonderful summer and a most well deserved rest.

If at any point you are feeling worried during the holidays , please feel free to write a comment on the Worry Box and we will be able to support you.

There is also a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health support available to children  in Westminster over the summer holidays by phone, text and online. Further detail can be found in this leaflet.

One comment on “Farewell for the Summer

  1. Maryana :) says:

    ?ℍ?ℕ? ???!!!

    want to say a big thank you to all the teachers who made my time in St Vincent’s memorable and exciting.

    I loved the school and all the pupils (not forgetting the teachers!!!) You really changed my life with your welcoming family and I couldn’t be more proud to go to St Vincent’s I hope to see everyone again sometime soon

    Love Maryana Y6 xxx ?

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