Food Customs From Around the World!

We having been having fun in Year 3 this week!

In our Project lessons we have been looking at traditional food customsĀ  from around the world and comparing them to our own.

As a class, we discussed the things we do at home at dinnertime. Such as, laying the table, saying our prayers and spending time with our loved ones. We also shared the things we do each time we eat. Such as putting our knives and forks together, doing our best to eat all of our food and clearing our plates away. Interestingly, these traditions and customs vary all around the world. We loved learning that in Thailand forks are not used to pick up food but instead, used to put food onto the spoon to then eat. As well as this, in Japan slurping is a sign that you are enjoying your food.

To celebrate this, we tried to learn to use chopsticks. Year 3 used them to move things from plate to plate, before having a go at eating with them!

We have had lots of fun and learnt a new skill too!

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