Class 5’s Assembly!

12 comments on “Class 5’s Assembly!

  1. Miss Coleman says:

    What a fabulous assembly Year 5-well done! As well as sharing lots of important information, you brought much joy to us all with such an entertaining, fun performance. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you to the Year 5 staff team as well. I wish there was really a magic door that could transport us elsewhere!

  2. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Year 5! We really enjoyed watching your assembly this morning. We liked the magic door in your class and were wondering if we could go through it too!
    Your costumes were great and we enjoyed the singing too!
    From Year 2 🙂

  3. Thank you Year 2! We are glad that you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see your assembly next week!

  4. Foundation Stage says:

    Well done, Class 5. We loved your assembly especially the singing and the clothes. Thank you very much.
    Love from Nursery and Reception. xx

  5. Thank you very much foundation stage! We are glad that you liked our singing and our costumes!


    Thank you Year 5 for a lovely assembly.
    Great singing and great costumes. I would love to have a magical door to walk through always.
    Well done to you all and great job Miss Lee. x

  7. Thank you very much! They are all superstars!

  8. Miss Carruthers says:

    Such a wonderful assembly Year 5! You included so many facts about the Ancient Greeks and have clearly learnt a lot. Great acting and singing, it was very entertaining to watch! Well done!

  9. Thank you Miss Carruthers! 🙂

  10. Mr Kersys says:

    Well done Year 5! Year 4 loved watching your fantastic assembly today. We particularly enjoyed Greeks Got Talent, the songs and your wonderful costumes. It was so lovely to see all of you having lots of fun and we learnt so much about the ancient Greeks. From Year 4 🙂

  11. Thank you Year 4! We are glad that you enjoyed it! We did have a lot of fun filming!

  12. Such a fantastic assembly. I can see all the hard work you all put in to make it possible. It was also very funny! Well done Y5👏🏻

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