Friday Assembly

Today the whole school came together for a Zoom assembly. We thought parents might like to see how this works so we have saved some screenshots for you.

Firstly we thought about some of the activities we completed during lockdown, including jigsaw puzzles, and how our school is like a jigsaw puzzle, made up of many different people who fit together to make our school family.

Each of our pupil representative groups then introduced themselves.

Pupil Chaplaincy Team

School Council

Y6-Elsa & Iggy Elena (EYFS Representative)

Y5-Julia G & Paolo

Y4-Orla & Louis

Y3 Marisa & Julian

Y2-Clemence & Aiden

Y1 Sibylle & Marcus

Green Team

Rights Respecting Sports Ambassadors

Junior Travel Ambassadors


Each one of you is unique and individual. You all bring something special to our school family with your personality and talents and without you our school would be missing an important piece.  Thank you for being you and thank you to everyone who is representing you on our Pupil Groups.

It was so wonderful for all the different bubbles to come together for assembly. As always, we ended the assembly with our school prayer-and then we waved to each other. Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi, how are you all doing this evening? I miss you all. See you soon.

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