Goodbye Year 5

Class 5,

You have been a wonderful class to teach and I feel so lucky that I have been your teacher for two years.
You have never failed to put a smile on my face and we have had such fun together.
Thank you for working so hard and for continuing to spread such joy and laughter, even through the challenging times in lockdown.

I am SO SO SO proud of every single one of you. Keep being amazing! I will keep an eye on the website to see what you get up to in Year 6, I know you will have lots of fun!

Thank you also to the parents, you have been SO supportive, especially during lockdown. I hope you all have a lovely summer!
Thank you for my wonderful cards and gifts, it is so generous of you!

Thank you also to Mrs Vieira, Mrs Casey, Miss Portugal and Miss Flood for everything this year. You have supported the children and we appreciate everything you have done!

Have a lovely summer!
From Miss Lee šŸ™‚

7 comments on “Goodbye Year 5

  1. Raimundo says:

    Bye Miss Lee
    We will all miss you!

  2. I will miss you all too!
    Well done for working so hard, have a lovely summer! ā˜€ļø

  3. martin (1_1) says:

    it was a very fun year

  4. Bye Miss Lee we will miss you lots and lots! Good luck and thanks for being a great teacher!

  5. Mrs Casey says:

    Well done Year 5, what wonderful children you all are! It has been such a pleasure to be with you every Thursday and Friday, you bring so much joy to our hearts! Thank you to your lovely parents for their generosity and thoughtfulness. To lovely Miss Lee, Ella, Nina, Vincent and Rafael, we will miss you very much, keep in touch!

    Have a fantastic summer and much love to you all.

  6. I had a great time in Y4 and Y5 and I will really miss you guys. Thank you very much Miss Lee for being a great teacher. We will all miss you. I am sure you will have a great time in Sayers Croft and I can’t wait until I visit .

  7. A M A R I S S A says:

    I am very sad that you are leaving Miss Lee, you have been a great teacher to us and you always will be.
    We hope you have fun in your new school and your new house.
    We will never forget you.
    You are a wonderful teacher and Iā€™m sure that the children in your new school are going to love you like we did.
    You may have gone, but you are not forgotten to me.
    I have always liked you as my teacher for the past two years and I wish you good luck in your new school.
    Thank you for teaching us Miss Lee.
    From Amarissa

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