Green Team 2021-22

Although it is slightly late into the new term Green Team would like to tell you why they joined and what their hopes are.

Our be​autiful picture is from Romey!

“My name is Adrien. I am in Year 4 and I would like to be in Green Team to grow more plants and to be in a better environment. In future I want to put air purifying plants in classrooms and try to stop plastic from going in the sea.”

Clara, “One of the reasons why I joined Green Team is because I want to make the world a better and safer place. I also want to make our school environment healthier and I want to encourage others to do the same. I think that we should make out local community better by trying to make the air cleaner and less polluted by planting more plants. I want to help make our planet healthier and greener so that we can have an even better place to live!”

Gabrielle, “I wanted to join Green Team because I wanted to make the classrooms look nicer by putting plants in the classes. I also wanted to join Green Team because I like gardening, taking care of plants and helping the planet. I even wanted to be in Green Team so we could put more flowers in the Prayer Garden. 

I want to know and learn: Why does plastic kill animals?

Where does the rubbish go after being picked up by the bin lorry?”

Hermine, “I want to be in Green Team because I want to help the planet. I also want to be in Green Team so there is no more plastic and no more pollution, and to help the animals grow and to help the plants. So at school, when we are going somewhere and people are not in their classroom and forget to turn the lights off, we go and do it. Also, we could tell pupils not to forget to turn off their computers when they are not using them. Also, we could help the children not to waste food at lunchtime.”

Ryan, “I want to look after the snails and to look after the environment.”

Julia, “I joined Green Team because I love the environment and because I care for animals and nature. I thought that joining Green Team would make a small difference to the big world because I really want to save nature, trees and all the endangered animals whose habitats are being destroyed by humans. Also, I joined Green Team so that I could learn about the environment and help animals.” 

Juliana, “I want to be part of the Green Team because I want to help God’s creatures to be happy in their habitats.”

Leopold, “I want to be in Green Team because I want to pick up rubbish and plant flowers.”

Louis, “I want to be in Green Team so I can express myself and help the world be a better place.”

Matthias, “Marylebone is very polluted. I want to make the school an environmental hub.”

Clemence, “I want to make the world a better place and make sure the plants don’t die.”

Daniela, “I am looking forward to being in Green Team.”

We are looking forward to a productive year . 

Green Team and Mrs Knowler 


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