This morning, Year 6 visited the World War II gallery at the Imperial War Museum as part of our History learning. It was so interesting to see such an enormous selection of artefacts that really brought our learning to life.

From Enigma machines, to tanks, to air raid shelters and propaganda posters, we saw so much that reminded us of what we had heard and read about in our History lessons and we couldn’t wait to find out more.

Many thanks to all of the parents who accompanied us. We really appreciate your support.

Year 6: Can you share your favourite artefacts and what you learned about them. Why are they your favourites?

12 comments on “History: A visit to the Imperial War Museum

  1. I bet you had fun year 6. I like your pictures!!!

  2. Mila year 6 😝 says:

    I had such a fun time in the IWM . I Found out so many new facts . For example Elephants were Used in India WW2. Also in Asia The Wounded soldiers were used by a wood carrier to be brought to a safe area it was like a helicopter. I also learnt that In the Holocaust there would be a guy who decides who lives or dies . Also Winston Churchill wasn’t the politest guy! 😯

  3. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Amazing pictures Y6! I would like to read what you all have to share about your trip. I would love to visit the Imperial War Museum one day.

  4. I learned aubout lots of things at the IWM!
    My favourite artefact though was the moressen shelter because I never new that you could have an indoor shelter.

  5. i learnt that winstion churchill was not polite and that they put dead body’s in a carrier over a lake so they washed away.

  6. I learnt so many things at the Imperial War Museum but my most favourite artefact was the enigma machine because we got to break the code which was so much fun. In WW2 they would have used it to decode messages from the axis. I hope we can go there again.

  7. I loved the Imperial War Museum and all the amazing facts you could find in it. My favourite artefact was the enigma machine because I learned how to break codes on fake enigma machines.

  8. At the imperial war museum one thing I learnt was that Churchill – England’s prime minster- was very inapropiert and they used elepants in india was it and transported heavy rocks and stones.

  9. The trip to the Imperial II World War I learned many new things such as in 1940 they used to throw dead bodies onto the side in a ditch to scare of troops this was done in Russia so other people didn’t think about invading.

  10. I loved going to the Imperial War Museum and seeing all of the amazing artefacts and facts! My favourite artefact was the enigma machines! I loved it because we got to break codes and work out what the code was.

  11. I learnt that they used elephants to carry logs and rocks and that Churchill was a very rude and inpatient person.

  12. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    That looks so fun! I hoped you learnt lots of stuff there.

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