#Hold Still 2020

Spearheaded by The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, Hold Still, a portrait of our nation in 2020, is an ambitious community project to create a unique photographic portrait which captures the spirit, mood, hopes, fears and feelings of the nation as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Whilst many people’s lives are on hold to help protect our helpers and heroes, there are some that are working harder than ever, and others that are enduring the upheaval of hardship and loss. Hold Still will capture a snapshot of the people of the UK at this time, creating a collective portrait of our nation which will reflect resilience and bravery, humour and sadness, creativity and kindness, human tragedy and hope as we hold still for the good of others, and celebrate those who have continued so we can stay safe.

The Duchess and the National Portrait Gallery invite you to submit your own photographic portrait, taken during these extraordinary times, which responds to one of the following themes:

  • Helpers and Heroes

  • Your New Normal

  • Acts of Kindness

One hundred shortlisted portraits will feature in a virtual exhibition on the Gallery’s website and a selection of images will also be shown across the UK later in the year.

Images must involve people, and can be captured on phones or cameras. Each image will be assessed on the emotion and experience it conveys rather than its photographic quality or technical expertise. The closing date for submissions is the 18 June 2020.


We know that our St.Vincent’s pupils are incredibly talented and we believe that you could take some amazing photographs to show what life is like for us all at this time, when we are staying at home to stay safe. Please use the Homework Uploader to send your photographs to Mrs Avdiu or Miss Coleman and we will use these to make our next school video. This is a moment in history and your photographs will be a visual record of this moment in time. 





21 comments on “#Hold Still 2020

  1. I think i will enter!This sounds really fun and i cant wait to get started on ideas!

  2. amarissa says:

    Me too!

  3. Please find attached a photo of H trying to blow dandelion seeds off the stem. One of the smallest, yet unattainable goals when you have a face mask on.

  4. Miss Coleman says:

    This is a perfect example of the strange time we are living in. Thank you-and good luck!

  5. Miss Coleman says:

    Jigsaws are an excellent way of passing the time whilst we have to stay at home. London is a great choice of picture!

  6. M & family says:

    Hi, M’s Papa in Glasgow now tells him bedtime stories over FaceTime! We thought this photo was a good example of our “New Normal”. Despite these strange times, you can see M is very happy to see and hear his Papa from a distance…..

  7. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you M for your beautiful photograph. We are so lucky to be able to ‘see’ our loved ones this way.

  8. Mrs Avdiu says:

    This photo really touched me. How precious!

  9. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you R-M for your photographs-it’s great to be making such happy memories at this time.

  10. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you J for your photo. It’s so unusual to see empty streets near our school, but hopefully it will be good for reducing pollution levels. Great jumping!

  11. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you E for the beautiful photo showing your ‘new normal’.

  12. Miss Coleman says:

    Great photo of you ‘working from home’ Sara!

  13. Miss Coleman says:

    Wonderful creativity S & W! What fun activities!

  14. S & N & family says:

    After getting a lot of comments from the children about the virus, we decided to make that safe house as a visible symbol for them that we are safe.

  15. Miss Coleman says:

    Great idea. S& N look to be having lots of fun!

  16. F & daddy usually swim and climb together. Their new normal is to use their exercise time to visit famous landmarks on their bikes. The streets are so quiet it makes their journey much quicker and safer.

  17. Mrs Knowler says:

    These photos are brilliant! A really good impression of what life is like at the moment. ?

  18. Nadine was homeschooling her bears, beanie boos and origami figures today. It seemed a very covid-19 moment!

  19. Melina (Mateus'mum) says:

    Hello everyone, I would like to share all of you this fun and gorgeous song (I am a big fan!) that Mateus and his Dad have made about this difficult time. We’ve fun, played, prayed and learnt despite coronavirus pandemic. Enjoy!
    God Bless xxx

  20. Carla - Albert's mum says:

    Great idea and great pictures !

  21. Miss Coleman says:

    I agree-I love all the photographs that are a wonderful representation of this time.
    Thank you to everyone who has contributed. We won’t be posting any more on this news post as we are saving them for the film now. Look out for it coming soon!

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