Prayers for home w/c 11th May

Prayers for Home: W/C: 11th May 2020

During these unprecedented times when schools and churches are closed, we know how important it is for families to find opportunities to come together and pray and reflect upon the day, the present time and times ahead.

Prayer is so beneficial to us all in different ways but we know that it strengthens the family ties and communication; helping us to heal and find peace. The children at St Vincent’s are always so considerate of others when composing their own prayers. We are always deeply proud of their spirituality and thoughtfulness. During this time, we encourage your child and family to pray, thinking about who may need their prayers and reminding them that prayer brings us closer to God. We are pleased to inform you that Ten:Ten, providers of our Collective Worship resources, are kindly making available a set of daily prayers for you to use at home. St Vincent’s will share the Weekly Prayers with you every Monday, in the hope that we can pray together.



The daily prayers for this week help children to relate to God in a personal, fun and tangible way. The prayer allows children to think of God not as a distant figure in the sky, but as a personal God who came down to earth and walked and talked just like we do!


The prayers for each day are the same this week: a litany of 12 prayers and actions.

Adults can encourage children to follow the actions by joining in themselves! The prayers naturally conclude with a more reflective tone, so please encourage children to close their eyes and reflect at the appropriate moment during the prayer time.

You can find the Daily Prayers for this week here: Daily Prayers wc 11th May

Sadly, Fr Frankie will be unable to give any new homilies for the time being due to his commitments to his parish and hospital work

Please keep Fr Frankie – and all priests – in your prayers.

If you would like to watch videos of his previous homilies please click here: Fr Frankie’s Homilies

How to Lead this week’s prayers:

There is a Prayer Leader for the beginning and end slides each day, the rest of the slides are left unmarked so they can be read by any/everyone!

Slide 1:
The Prayer Leader reads the introduction.

Slide 2 – 16:
Read the instructions on each slide and do the actions!

Slide 17:
The Prayer Leader invites children to consider how else they can be like Jesus today.

The Actions:
– You are God and you had a body like me (shake/wiggle your body)
– You are God and you walked like me (walk on the spot)
– You are God and you talked like me (start talking “hello”, “goodbye”, “hi”)
– You are God and you had hands like me (examine your hands)
– You are God and you had feet like me (curl your toes)
– You are God and you smiled like me (smile)
– You are God and you were sad like me (make a sad face)
– You are God and you could smell like I can smell (sniff your nose)
– You are God and you blinked like me (blink)
– You are God and you listened like me (silence)
– You are God and you yawned like me (yawn)
– You are God and you slept like me (mime sleeping)
– Close your eyes and breathe in and out very calmly (pause)

We also wanted to share with you Pope Francis’ Prayer for the Protection from the Coronavirus:

Whilst we are apart it will be wonderful to know that we are sharing this special prayer resource together. You can let us know what you think of the resource in the comments section, or even share some pictures of your special worship space using the File Uploader for the attention of Mrs Avdiu.

God bless you all.

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