Today, as every day, we remembered our beloved Paolo and there is now special bench in Paddington Street Gardens where we can sit and think of him. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the funding of this. Paolo always enjoyed playing in the park and he loved Lego-and he will never be forgotten.Β  Β 

To Paolo Galliani aka TOTO

Who filled these gardens and all our lives

with bright indomitable joy.


2 comments on “In memory of Paolo

  1. It is so amazing 😊 that there is now a bench in the park where we all used to play with Paolo. We all miss him lots so it is so nice to be able to sit there when we are feeling down hearted πŸ’” or when we need some time for ourself. I love that we are able to put Lego bricks on the bench as it really represents what Paolo loved to do!! Thank you to everyone who made this able to happen. I am sure Year 6 and everyone else will look after the bench with love and respect.

  2. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making Paolo’s own special bench in the park were we all love to play, especially Paolo.✨ We will always go there when we need to and think about him. We all miss him a lot and our heart breaksπŸ’” to not be able to talk to him face to face. But I feel great that we can now always remember him when we are older and go to the park to see his bench again.😊 My favourite idea is the fact that you can add tiny LEGO bricks on the bench when you walk by. It represents him so much. The bench will be treasured for a very long time.
    We love you Paolo and we miss you!!!!!!βœπŸ’™

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