Today at school we came together for the first time since the death of our much loved Year 6 pupil, Paolo Galliani. Paolo died peacefully at home last week after living with cancer for many years.

We offer our sincere condolences to his parents, Sandra and Enrico, and his brother Carlo, as well as his family and friends.

Paolo was a much loved member of our school family and will be missed by everyone who knew him. May he rest in peace.

This morning Father Christopher led assemblies to help us to understand that Paolo is now with Jesus, who always welcomes children to Him.


We looked at photographs of Paolo from Nursery until Year 6 and we all noted how happy he always looked. We also shared some memories of Paolo-including his love of Lego and football.

We are all so sad at our loss but blessed that we enjoyed so many years with Paolo’s friendship.

Our school family will continue to support and  comfort each other.




We hold Paolo’s family in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest peacefully Paolo.


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  1. Paolo Galliani was a great friend to everyone who knew him. He was always happy even in difficult times. Paolo also always made everyone laugh and smile. Paolo will be missed lots but he will always have a special place in our hearts. REST IN PEACE PAOLO!!!

  2. Marron Family says:

    A Beautiful Soul is Never Forgotten. Rest in Peace Paolo

  3. Sophia Yr4 says:

    Paolo always had a big smile on his face. We will miss seeing him at school and in the playground playing with his friends . I hope Jesus is looking after him now in heaven and Paolo still has a cheeky smile on his face ❤️.

  4. Tess Hackett says:

    It is a privilege to have met Paolo. He brightened the school with his amazing smile and he was so well-loved by everyone. I will hold Paolo’s wonderful family and everyone at St Vincent’s in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Olivia and Jules Deruelle and parents says:

    We are profoundly saddened for the loss of our beloved Paolo. We pray for his young, pure soul and for his family. Sandra, Enrico and the wonderful Carlo have accompanied Paolo through his life journey with incredible courage and positive attitude. Paolo’s bright smile and good nature showed how closely he felt his family’s support. It was a privilege to have met dear Paolo and to have him among us. May he now rest in peace, forever in our prayers.

  6. The sadness I feel for his family cannot be put into words , may they find peace in knowing that he is in the safest hand possible R. I. P. God bless the family always .

  7. Nathaniel Scott Cree says:

    I was proud to be Paolo’s deputy headteacher when he started at St. Vincent’s in the Nursery class in 2014. I will remember his gentle nature and winning smile. Sending my sincerest prayers and condolences to his family and everyone at St. Vincent’s during this sad time.

  8. Foroni family says:

    We will carry you and your family in our hearts. Rest in peace Paolo, un abbraccio

  9. I feel so very lucky to have taught Paolo for two years. His courage, determination and positivity was so inspiring.
    Thank you for bringing so much joy into our hearts Paolo. We will always remember your smile, cheeky sense of humour and incredible ability to spread happiness to all.
    Sending love to Paolo’s family and the Saint Vincent’s family during this difficult time.

  10. Paolo was a lovely happy person. He always had a smile on his face. He was a very kind person and had lots of love in his heart. He always looked happy playing with his friends in the playground. I wish you luck Paolo in heaven.

  11. Paolo was a very enthusiastic child and he will be greatly missed in Y6. Paolo always had my back and I was very grateful for him whenever I needed help. Paolo always had a smile on his face and never stopped being happy even when he was ill. He will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace Paolo!

  12. Mikey & Joey says:

    We are sad about Paolo. He was our friend. We miss him xx

  13. Paolo always had a smile on his face when he came into school. I hope God is guiding him to his new life, may he Rest in peace.

  14. Paolo was a great member to our hearts. He always tried his best and never gave up. I hope that he never will leave our hearts. Rest in peace Paolo!

  15. I agree with you Bo.

  16. Paolo was a great member to our hearts.He always tried his best and never gave up.I hope that he never will leave are hearts.Rest in peace Paolo!

  17. Michelle Walsh says:

    I did not know Paolo or his beautiful smile but I wanted to express my condolences to his family with all of our prayers. X

  18. Paolo was my best friend. He was the best friend I ever had. He brought laughter in our class and now it is not the same when he is not here with us.
    He was a lego master and was the best lego builder in our school.

  19. Miss Gorick says:

    Thank you Paolo for always making me smile! Paolo was a wonderful boy who brought incredible joy to all who knew him. Paolo’s family and the whole St. Vincent’s family are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

    May Paolo rest in peace and rise in glory.

  20. Malysh family says:

    Our prayers are with Paolo’s family these days. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant Paolo eternal peace. Sincere condolences for your loss…

  21. Paolo was a lovely person. I know it was really upsetting for everyone especially Julia Y3 and Paolo’s family. Last week, when I went to church, I lit a candle for Paolo and said a prayer for God to take care of him. It is sad to say goodbye but he’s not in any pain any more and God is looking after him.
    Rest in peace Paolo!

    Isabella Y3

  22. The Darwens says:

    I wish I had time to make friends with him again. He will always be a member of team Sack-but. May he forever rest in peace.

  23. He has been a great friend to all of us.
    When you weren’t sure if something, he would be there.

    Thank you Paolo
    You were a good friend.

    I was so glad it be able to see him.
    He is now closer to God .
    We will never forget Paolo who was
    the best person ever!

    Thank you for everything.

  24. Minshull family says:

    Much loved , missed and not forgotten.
    Rest in peace with our lord .

  25. Paolo was a great friend to us all he was nice to every one in the school.And always had a smile on his face. He was thoughtful for others.He will always be my friend.

  26. Enrico Galliani says:

    Thank you all from the bottom of our heart and please wear mismatched socks on 25 May – Paolo’s birthday

    Sandra, Enrico & Carlo

  27. Paolo was one of my first friends when I started St. Vincent’s in Year Five. He always had that unforgettable smile on his face and brought love and laughter to our lives. Paolo could make anybody happy just by being in our lives.
    Now that he is close to the Lord he still feels our love.
    Rest in Peace, Paolo.

  28. He was a very good friend and he was always smiling.
    Rest in peace.

  29. Constance & Sibylle says:

    We pray a lot for you and your family. We are sure you are with baby Jesus for Christmas.

  30. T^T Amarissa y6 T^T says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss.
    May the angels watch over him in heaven as they did before.
    Paolo was one of my first friends when I started in nursery.Every time I come into the classroom,it is not the same without Paolo and his Beautiful smile,giving a very warm welcome for those who crossed his path.

    He is gone, but not forgotten.

    Rest In Peace, Paolo.

  31. Giordano y6 says:

    Paolo was a very good friend to me. He was my best friend. I am truly sorry about your loss. May the angels guide him in heaven. He always came into school with a wonderful smile and he always helped me in the times when I really needed help.

    May he rest in peace.

  32. I am so sorry for your loss but most of all I am feel so sorry for Paolo’s mum Sandra, his dad Enrico and his brother Carlo. Our memories with Paolo have stopped growing but we will always treasure them in our hearts 💕. Thank you to Miss Flood who has looked after Paolo ever since I came to St Vincent’s. I feel so lucky to have been in Paolo’s class for so many years and I bless all of Paolo’s friends and family from the bottom of my heart for your terrible loss. Thank you Paolo for always being there for everyone and always bringing joy in our hearts with your cheerful and cheeky smiles. We all love you Paolo and we miss you!!!!

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