For Design and Technology this term, we have prepared and cooked bolognese.

We began by looking at the origin and ingredients of bolognese as well as the origin of the mince meat to be found in the bolognese. We learned recently in Geography that much of the rainforests are being cleared for farming cattle and we made links between deforestation and the source of mince meat we eat in our bolognese sauces.

Next we looked at different packaging for pre-made sauces sold in the supermarkets and we discussed the reason why not all sauces are exactly the same (people like to make variations of recipes because of different tastes).

Once we had discussed the nutritional value of different ingredients, it was time to start making our own version of bolognese. We decided to follow a traditional recipe which including preparing ingredients such as onion, carrots, tinned chopped tomatoes, garlic and vegetable stock. The children worked in small groups of 5 to prepare their vegetables and learned some very important chopping techniques: bridge method and claw method. These methods are very important for ensuring they keep fingers away from the knife blade,

After the vegetables were measured and chopped, it was time to get cooking! We cooked the mince meat first and added the onions so they could fry until they were nice and soft. The garlic needed two minutes to fry before we added the carrots, tomatoes and vegetable stock. At this point, the sauce was too thin so it needed to simmer on a gentle heat for 45 minutes. Once it was thick enough, the sauce was ready to be ‘boxed up’ and the children could take their sauces home to eat for dinner.

The feedback from the children the next day was extremely positive and it sounds like once they had added their bolognese sauce to some cooked spaghetti, they all had a fantastic dinner! (unless they were being polite, of course!)

A huge thank you to Ms Akhtar for so much help with the cooking process!

14 comments on “Making Spaghetti Bolognese for DT

  1. Olivia y5🦄 says:

    I really liked making the bolognese, I tried it at home and I thought that it was really good.
    I especially liked chopping and cooking the vegetables and then adding them to the tomato sauce!

  2. Gabrielle🖋 says:

    This was so fun,I loved making bolognese!

  3. Louise Y5 says:

    The spaghetti bolognese was so good. I loved baking it and eating it. I hope we do some baking at school again.

  4. I loved making the bolognese sauce in DT. When when I tried it home, I thought it was spectacular. I thank Mrs Akhter for helping us in this lesson.

  5. Jaidee🎀 says:

    I enjoyed making the bolognese because it smells and taste so good !

  6. Juliet Year5:) says:

    I loved making the bolognese!!!!!
    I really loved cutting the vegetables. Plus, I did cut the onion and I didn’t cry!!!!!

  7. ✨Isabella says:

    This was amazing 🤩 I love getting the chance to cook in school. When I got home me and my dad tried it and it was quite delicious 😋 I hope we get more experiences like this during y5.

  8. Tomi Year 5 says:

    The cooking part was so satisfying and I am going to make it home again.

  9. I really enjoyed making bolognese. It was amazing when I tried it.
    I liked when mixed the meat and the sauce.

  10. I’m so glad that Year 5 got to make bolognese and I hope we do it again in the future.

  11. I really enjoyed making the bolognese , even though it was not the best.But it was still worth it.First time making a sauce at school!!!!!!!!
    So Much Fun!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I loved this DT project , it was a lot of fun.

  13. Adelaide year 3 says:

    That looks really fun ad yummy! I hope you liked it . I can’t wait to do it in year 5.

  14. ☆It was very delicious and fun to make! ☆

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