This week in Mathematics, Year 4 have been learning all about money in our new unit! 

Throughout the week, we have been learning the difference between pence and pounds and working out how to convert between the two.

To kick off our week, we worked with our learning partners to see how many different coins or notes that we could name in 30 seconds.  We identified that there are the current coins or notes: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2, £5, £10, £20 & £50. 

In our lessons, we have been correctly identifying the amount of the coins in the questions and writing the amount in both pence and pounds. We had to use our previous knowledge that 100p is equal to £1 to help us and found that our dividing by 100 knowledge also helped when we had to convert from pence to pounds. We also had to remember that when writing in pence, the p symbol comes after the amount whereas when writing in pounds, the £ sign comes at the start of the amount which is separated by a decimal point. 

We also got to play a fun game with our learning partners which involved using pretend coins. Our partner had to pick 4 coins at random and place them in front of us. We then had to work out the total amount of the coins together and then write it down in pence and pounds on our whiteboards. Our partners had to then check it to see if it was correct. 

I was also so impressed with Year 4’s knowledge of money and their fantastic attitude to learning. 

Year 4, what was your favourite part of the lessons this week? 

2 comments on “Maths In Year 4-Money!

  1. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Learning maths skills for life. Great counting Y4!

  2. Maths is such a great talent. You can use this skill of mathematics in your life!!!!

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