Celebrating Mass Together

It is lovely seeing so many pupils back at school each day but we dearly miss those of you who are still at home. This weekend there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky, shining over us all, symbolising hope and joy for our school family.

Can you spot the St. Vincent’s roof playground in the photograph below?

Just follow the end of the rainbow!

Another wonderful opportunity for us to join together will be when Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrates a Mass in Westminster Cathedral this week for our school communities.  This Mass will be celebrated on 18th June at 11.30am and streamed live on  Please do try to join the celebration online if possible.  We will all be joning in from school. If you are unable to live stream at this time it will be possible to download the Mass and share in the celebration later.

The song sheet will ensure that you can all join in with the singing.


Pope Francis recently stated that “to educate is to seek the meaning of things”.  Our faith helps us to find meaning is this changing world and our school family stays united even if we are physically apart.

You are not alone and  we are looking forward to celebrating this special Mass together on Thursday.

3 comments on “Celebrating Mass Together

  1. Ariella and amarissa says:

    I can see the roof!!!

  2. I can see ???

  3. Kristian and Eloisa says:

    We can see it! It is next to the church!

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