Rainbow Children

The recent months have been incredibly challenging but today, with the lowering of the Covid-19 alert level, there is hope of a brighter future. Our pupils are the rainbows providing us much joy at this time and we are looking forward to seeing more of you in the next few weeks.  This film is a way of marking this moment in time and celebrating our rainbow children.


  • Thank you to Mrs Avdiu for making this moving film
  • Thank you to Gemma Peacock for granting us permission to her lovely poem
  • Thank you to all the St. Vincent’s team for being so wonderful during this difficult time
  • Thank you to our St.Vincent’s rainbow children

6 comments on “Rainbow Children

  1. Ariella year 6 says:

    so lovely

  2. It was a mini Staff Assembly.

  3. Nika ?️ says:

    I really loved it!
    The video made me smile throughout the whole thing!

    I miss you all so much and I cannot wait to see you all again!


  4. It is such a lovely video. Thank you ??
    We can’t wait to see everyone at school on Monday ?

  5. This is absolutely fabulous. It’s the first video I’ve seen from the perspective of the new normal we will all be living, going forward. The detail is amazing and I really think people will watch this video in years to come. Very poignant. Thank you ❤️ Gemma Peacock xx

  6. Sara Boardman says:

    What a beautiful poem and video – had a tear in my eye as I watched. Thinking of you all Sara Boardman ?✨

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