In Maths in Year 6, we are always trying to consolidate our understanding of Maths concepts by discussing and explaining our reasoning to others. We change learning partners every week, which gives us many opportunities to develop our learning power of reciprocity.

Today,  we worked with our learning partners on some tricky co-ordinates challenges that involved understanding co-ordinates in four quadrants  as well as reading problem solving questions carefully.

Once we had solved our problems, we moved onto an Easter challenge where we needed to use what we had learned about co-ordinates to reveal an Easter shape. Then we had to reflect the shape and then transform the shape into two other quadrants.

Well done, Year 6. Keep up the hard work!

30 comments on “Geometry: Position and Direction

  1. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    You all look so focused and seem so happy to learn. Great work Y6!

  2. This was really easy and fun.

  3. Madeleine y6 says:

    It was really easy. But I still liked it because it was Easter themed.

  4. I had a lot of fun and learnt about co-ordinates.

  5. George y6 says:

    I enjoyed doing it but it was quite hard in my opinion😂💀💀💀💀

  6. This was pretty easy but still fun at the same time!

  7. I liked it and it was so fun

  8. Me and my partner whizzed through them. I liked the Geometry.

  9. I loved doing co-ordinates! The Easter challenge was so fun to do.

  10. I enjoyed doing Geometry and drawing the bunny.

  11. Constance says:

    I really liked this lesson. My favourite part was when we had to work with our partner to answer the questions on the sheet. It was a really fun and I hope we can do it again soon.

  12. I hope we do this again it was a nice math activity.

  13. Hollirose says:

    It was really easy and I really liked it because it was Easter themed.

  14. This was so much fun . We got to learn about geometry and it was Easter themed .
    YAY .

  15. It was really fun since it was Easter themed and it was so easy.

  16. It was really fun and I learnt so much about co-ordinates!!!!

  17. Layla Grace xx says:

    This activity was really easy because I love positioning different stuff on a map or on a grid!!!!

  18. Julian y6 says:

    it was super enjoyable and slightly easy but it was still very fun to work out because of the slightly interesting question.

  19. It was so fun to do the Easter bunny and it was also very easy!

  20. I really enjoyed the Easter Math. I had to find coordinates and reflect an Easter bunny.

  21. I loved this it was so fun and easy. I loved hat it was Easter themed.

  22. It was really fun and I liked how at the end the shape was a bunny.

  23. I really loved doing the position and direction Easter bunny even though I did the reflection wrong but I tried again and I finally got it I really loved the Easter theme also

  24. Albert Y6 says:

    I really liked when we did co-ordinates and joined the points up to make an Easter bunny!

  25. This was fun and I hope we do more maths like this in the future.

  26. Catherine says:

    I found this lesson really fun and more interactive than other lessons. I hope we do more fun learning activities like this!!!

  27. Rebecca y6 says:

    Doing the position and direction was so fun and it was also really fun when I joined the lines together and it revealed an Easter Bunny

  28. it was really fun but some bits were tricky.

  29. I really loved finding the coordinates to make an Easter bunny. Everything was so fun and I liked reflecting and transforming the shape.

  30. That sounds super fun year six!

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