On Thursday Nursery had such a fun trip to Paddington Street Gardens, to help our learning during the ‘Growing’ topic!

We started by walking sensibly to the gradens, and then we started with a Nature Hunt. This is where we walked around the garden trying to spot different things in the garden. We were looking for trees, flowers, birds, dogs, people and statues. In small group we made tally marks on our clip boards to see how many of everything we could spot. Next up we sat down on some benches for a sound stop. This is when we stopped and listened to all of the sounds we could hear in the park. We heard birds flying past and making noises, buses on the main road, people talking and dogs barking. We then collected different natural materials that had fallen on the ground. This included twigs, leaves, bark and flowers, but we just had to make sure they were already on the ground. Next was time for our snack in the play ground, wehre we had juicy pears. Finally we even got to have a little play in the p;ay equipment. Once we got back to school, after lunch we used these materials to make nature art. We talked about how we can place the materials nicely to look like a picture (some people preferred a more abstract look!). It was great fun making these after our visit to the garden!

Do you like visiting Paddington Street Gardens?

2 comments on “Our Trip to Paddington Street Gardens!

  1. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Looks like nursery had a really fun day at the Paddington Street Gardens. I like your nature artwork. You are all learning so much. Well done nursery!

  2. Nursery, I hope you had an amazing time at Paddington Street Gardens. Its such a fun place.

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