In our Maths learning this week, we have been revisiting and exploring odd and even numbers.

We learnt that even numbers we can share equally between two groups but odd numbers we can not share equally between two groups.

We learnt a song to help us remember about odd and even numbers…

After learning about this skill altogether, we practised applying what we had learnt independently. We each had two hoops to show two groups. We chose a number up to 10 and then shared the amount between two groups.  We were able to work out if the number was odd or even by talking about our findings and identifying if the groups were equal or not equal.

We used key vocabulary to explain our findings. Well done Reception!

2 comments on “Maths: Odd and Even Numbers

  1. The odd and even song is fun, I like singing it. I enjoyed learning about the odd and even numbers. 🔢✅❌😊

  2. Now you all know what odd and even numbers are. You guys are 🤩 amazing 🤩

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