This morning Year 1 performed their wonderful assembly to celebrate their topic of ‘Coasts and Climate’.

Year 1 shared all the excitement from their trip to Broadstairs Beach. They entertained us with their excellent singing about the seaside as well as what they have been learning in Geography, including comparing Broadstairs beach with Bondi beach in Australia. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the continents and oceans and it was fun to see all the different countries around the world that children are from.

We hope you enjoy watching the assembly. Well done Year 1!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

7 comments on “Year 1 Assembly

  1. Miss Walsh, thank you for a wonderful assembly.

  2. Miss Walsh says:

    Thank you Zeyn, well done for a brilliant performance! You all made me very proud 🙂

  3. Charles year3 says:

    I really liked your assembly . I can’t wait to be on holidays!

  4. Hermine year 3 says:

    Your assembly was great Year1 . The costumes were great! 😊👍🎉😍

  5. Florence Y3🦝 says:

    I loved your assembly. Especially when you travelled all around the world to the different continents and show what country you came from.🌎

  6. Appoline says:

    Thank you for giving us great lines it was a brilliant assembly

  7. Your assembly was SPECTACULAR!!!! I really enjoyed your wonderful costumes and hearing from all the amazing places your from.

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