This evening marked the start of the Marylebone Christmas celebrations with the wonderful lights switch on.

Our fabulous Year 5 & 6 sang on stage with an uplifting rendition of ” Oh I wish it could be Christmas very day!”. Well done for singing so beautifully, we are very proud of you!


The magic will continue later as we are very proud to once again have an overall winner of the Christmas card competition. This year the theme was Christmas Around the World and the winning entry showed an Advent calendar with every day representing a different country and their traditions. How creative! Please come and watch at 18:00 when the lights will be switched on by our very own celebrity!

Thank you to the Howard de Walden Estate for the Merry Marylebone celebrations!

10 comments on “Merry Marylebone

  1. So proud of you Philippa ❀️

  2. Mila Year 6 says:

    Singing in the Marylebone lights were such a nice experience 😊 it’s a shame that for me it’s my last time singing for the Chrismas Marylebone light since I’m in Year 6.

  3. Josh😎 says:

    I loved the singing. It was so fun!

  4. Mila year 6 says:

    It was a great experience. I enjoyed singing the song . It’s a shame it will be my last time

  5. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Congratulations P! πŸ‘ 🎨

  6. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Great singing y5 and y6 and all the teachers that joined. I really like that Christmas song. 🎢🎡🎢🎡
    Thank you Mr. Hylton for the music! 🎼🎡🎼

  7. That was amazing! I wish I was there to watch. You guys looked like you had so much fun!!! 😁

    πŸŽ„ Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

  8. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    Well done Year 5 and 6. Your singing is beautiful!

  9. Congratulations P!

  10. I love the song we sang and I had so much fun!!!!

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