This morning, School Council set up the voting station in the entrance of school so that every child could vote on their way to class.

The posters were up to remind everyone what they were voting on: 

Should our wider curriculum homework be optional?

School Council gave each child a piece of paper and a pen and explained that they were to write either yes or no on the paper. They explained to everyone that votes are private so no one can ask you how you voted and you don’t write your name on the piece of paper. 

Each child folded up their vote and posted it into the Big Ben voting box.

Once everyone was in school, School Council then counted up all the votes. They open up the voting box and went through each piece of paper. Some children had posted blank ones or ones that didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and so they couldn’t count these ones. Each total was added to the score sheet and then added up. Multiple children checked the calculation to make sure no one had made a mistake! 

The votes clearly showed that a majority voted in favour of ‘yes’, that they wanted the wider curriculum homework to be optional. 

Now that School Council knew what the whole school thought, they took the matter to Miss Coleman. They presented their results to her and asked whether it would be possible for the wider curriculum homework to be optional rather than compulsory. Miss Coleman listened to all their points and it was then agreed that from January, the wider curriculum homework would be optional for all children. Miss Coleman explained that changes can’t happen straight away as everyone involved has to be informed and so it was agreed that the change would take place in January. 

Well done School Council for leading the school through this democratic process!


3 comments on “UK Parliament Week: The Vote!

  1. YAY no more HARD homework!!!!!

  2. It was so much fun being able to vote.

  3. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Democracy is the best 👌 👍. I had a lot of fun with my council team. 😀
    Homework will still continue but some of it may become optional.
    Thank you Miss Carruthers for guiding us.

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