Online Safety

The internet is a wonderful resource, filled with exciting information to find out and games to play. But we have to think carefully when we go online. For Safer Internet Day, we all realised the importance of being an Internet Detective and to think carefully and critically when we use devices.

Thankfully, there is also lots of help out there too!


BBC Own It is a fun website and resource for children, with lots of videos and advice from experts, celebrities and other children. They have excellent tips  for how to behave online, what to do in difficult situations and how to balance our time on and off screens.

Common Sense Media is a wonderful resource for parents where you can find reviews on all of the latest games, apps and films. Unfortunately for us, they have had to change it so that you need to pay for an account to see all of their reviews, but without paying you can still see 3 reviews each month and all the articles and comments. Internet Matters is another great website that you can use as well to find advice and information about things that happen online.

Age rating are there for a reason and it is important that we follow the guidance and play games that are appropriate to our age. Parents, if you want to find out more about the different ratings and why they have them, this guide by the BBFC can help.

If you come across anything that you are not sure about or makes you feel uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to talk to an adult. Talking to someone about it help to give your worries away and then the adult can look into it in more detail and find out what should happen next. You have adults at home to talk to or any of the adults at school. We have our online Worry Box as well if you want to use that or there is Ollee who might be able to give some advice. 

Let us know if you have any good tips to share with others or anything that we can help you with!

2 comments on “Online Safety

  1. Penelope Year 4 ### says:

    Those look like great tips, I will try and use them more often !
    Thank You !

  2. Nina year 5 says:

    Thank you for the tips, I will be sure to use them during online learning.

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