Racial Justice Prayer Cards

A big well done to our Pupil Chaplaincy team members who submitted their Racial Justice Prayer Cards which are now on the Diocese of Westminster’s Racial Justice, Equality and Diversity webpage. How exciting! You can see the Racial Justice Prayer Cards here: RJED-KS2-Prayer-Cards-

The bishops in our country said the theme for Racial Justice Sunday is ‘A Time to Act‘.

Pope Francis teaches us that we should love and welcome everyone, just as Jesus did. At St Vincent’s this is very important to us and we believe in a fair world for all.

Prayer is an important part of Catholic worship as it provides the opportunity to communicate with God.

Perhaps you would like to pick one of the prayer cards and use it to pray to God during Lent! 

God bless you all,

Mrs Avdiu 


2 comments on “Racial Justice Prayer Cards

  1. Thank you very much pupil chaplains and Miss Avdiu, those cards were very nice. I have picked a different prayer to say every day.

  2. They are! I have also picked one to read each day and they really are very good! (●’◡’●)

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