This morning, Nursery enjoyed a visit to Paddington Street Gardens!

As our current topic is ‘Growing,’ we went to explore some nature and living things in the gardens. First of all, we went on a nature hunt to find lots of different things around the gardens. We found birds, branches, nests, flowers and insects. We learnt some new vocabulary too including twigs, shrubs and bushes.

After, we made collections of natural materials to investigate. We enjoyed sharing and talking about what we found. It was interesting to explore the different textures of these materials. 

We had a lovely time exploring the outdoors!

Thanks to the parents who came to support us on our trip!

One comment on “Paddington Street Gardens

  1. Gabrielle y3🌈 says:

    Dear Nursery,
    I think you have had lots of fun at Paddington Park!
    What lovely discoveries you have found.


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