School Council are working very hard on an exciting project! They are working with Miss Carruthers to create a new video for Prospective Parents to learn about our school.

We first made one when schools were closed during the pandemic, but now we have many more ideas of what we would like to share with new parents to persuade them to join our school.

All School Council representatives were given the opportunity to share ideas about what makes our school special and what new parents need to know. Here are some of their suggestions:

“I like that I have friends and I am protected. Our school is special because we have faith and we pray.” CR Y3

“I think they need to know that this is a Catholic and inclusive school. I think our school is special because we donate to charity and we grow and learn together. I think we really need to tell people we we’re inspired by and what we represent.” SC Y3

“There are lots of different people from different countries and we are all friends.” IK Y1

“That our school is very nice, that we learn about Jesus, we have healthy lunches, we are using the top of the roof for our breaks. We have a very good education and wonderful teachers. We belong to the Catholic family.” CH Y1

“The thing I like about my school is that everyone cares for each other and looks out for each other. The thing that makes our school special is that we are a religious school and we let all people participate in school. That we always care for each other when we are sad and we help each other when we are struggling in lessons.” PG Y6

“Parents need to know that our school is a safe place to learn and make new friends. Our school is special because our school is just like a family. Everyone gets to support and help each other, as well as treating everyone with equality and respect. We should also include our motto which is ‘Together through Christ we grow and learn.’. We definitely should tell them about our most special subject (RE) and the other subjects we learn. We can also add in the clubs and roles (Green Team, Sports Ambassadors etc) that the child can enter in. They also need to know that different people with different cultures and race attend the school.” CY Y6


2 comments on “School Council Project

  1. I can’t wait to see your new video

  2. Mrs Akhtar says:

    Well done School Council Representatives, for writing such a great ideas and helping Miss Carruthers with the video project for the prospective parents. I am so proud of you, keep it up.

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