Enterprise Week in Year 6

We’ve had a great Enterprise Week in Year 6. We voted to make Hama Bead key-rings (which has become a bit of a Year 6 tradition!) and we’re glad we did because they were very popular indeed!

We started by thinking of names for our product and designing company logos and then voting for our favourite one. Well done to Clare for her winning design.

Next, it was time to practice using persuasive language to write an advert for our product. Everyone contributed to the final advert which was filmed and shown to the other classes to encourage them to choose our product. You can watch our advert in the assembly room in GoogleClassroom.

Our advert must have been very persuasive because we had 81 orders from the other classes! All of  Year 6 also ordered one so we had a busy few days making our products.

 We have learnt so much this week about what it’s like to set up and run a business. We also had two parent visitors who taught us more about the world of work. Many thanks to them both. 

We have  been learning more about democracy through voting for every decision throughout the process and then agreeing to the decision voted for by the majority of the class. We have also been using our learning powers throughout the week. 

After we had paid for the Hama Beads and the Keyrings, we ended up with a profit of £82.  Year 6 have decided to donate £25 of their profit to Great Ormand Street Hospital. We will vote on what to do with the rest of the money after half term.

Have a lovely half term, everyone.  

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  1. That looks like great fun !

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