This half term for outdoor PE, we have been learning all about the sport of basketball! This is an exciting fast paced sport which all of Year 4 have been excited about learning. 

In our first lesson, we explored the art of dribbling the basketball and how to keep control of the basketball whilst trying to move down the court. We learnt the rule of ‘double dribble’  which is if we are dribbling with the ball and we stop then we cannot dribble the basketball again. We have to either shoot or pass the ball. We practised this by following our partner around the court whilst trying to keep control of the basketball. Coach Jamie gave us brilliant tips to help us such as trying to keep the ball bouncing not higher than our waist so that it is easier to control and to use the whole palm of our hand to generate the power to bounce the ball. We also got to practice trying to use different skills to fool our partners into thinking we were going to move in one direction but then change at the last minute. We played a really fun game that the defender had to try stop us dribbling through a gate by winning the ball and to see how many points we could get in 60 seconds. Some of us even managed to beat our teacher by using our newly learnt skills to fool him! 

In our next lesson we put our dribbling skills to the test by playing some matches towards the end of the lesson. We had to score by passing to our teammates near the hoop who could receive it for a point. We had to use all of our best skills to try and evade being tackled by the defenders and use our teamwork skills to work together. There was lots of great skill on display! 

What have you enjoyed so far about basketball, Year 4?  


3 comments on “PE in Year 4

  1. P.E. lessons are amazing. I am sure Mr Garnet can see that you all are having fun year 4.

  2. Zlata y4 says:

    That was fun!

  3. Ruby-Mae says:

    I really like basketball and I want inspire other people to get better at it . I also want to do it more because i really like it . I want you to do this because it is a very fun activity and people really like it hope to talk to you soon bye.

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