PE with QPR

For the past half term Year 4 have been lucky to welcome a wonderful coach from QPR to lead their PE sessions. The class have worked hard to improve their dribbling skills. They have learnt how to keep control of the ball and how to retain possession of the ball if someone attacks! In our lesson this week, the children were improving their fitness and playing some competitive games to encourage good sportsmanship between the teams. We began by completing rallies to collect cones, the team with the most cones would be declared the winner. We needed to be fast, organise ourselves and play fairly. The coach then made things a little bit more tricky! A ball was added into the mix and we needed to dribble the ball to the cones and back before the next player could do a rally from our teams. It was difficult to dribble the ball, stop it once we reached the cones, grab a cone and dribble back all whilst competing! The class worked very hard and persevered with respecting each other, even if they lost.



A big thank you to QPR for such a fantastic lesson! We are looking forward to next week already 🙂

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