Shakespeare Project Rehearsals

Wow! Year 4 had another visitor this week.

We are so lucky to be a part of the Shakespeare project this term! We will be immersing ourselves into the work and life of William Shakespeare and working hard to rehearse one play in particular to showcase an exciting performance at the end of the Summer term. We won’t tell you what that play is quite yet, but we will leave you a little clue:

During the rehearsals we met Elle, our director. We played some games so that she could get to know our names and acted out our favourite thing to do! We then began thinking about some of the characters in the play: some were moody, some romantic, some hopeless, some calm and some very angry! We acted out their personas and thought about our facial expressions and body language. The director was very impressed with how much of the story we remembered and she challenged us by helping us to practice saying lines from the play in Shakespearian! As our play is about a long feud between two important families in Verona, the class were split in half and came up with a chant for their team. They then learnt some Elizabethan insults and in role tried their best to intimidate the other family!

We had a lot of fun and can not wait to share more of our work about this topic with you. Please enjoy the pictures where we got very dramatic!

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