It is already time to start preparing for the St. Vincent’s Parents’ Association Annual Auction.

School budgets are very limited at the moment and our priority is to use the funds raised to supply essential academic resources such as textbooks.  We also ensure that every pupil experiences the full cultural capital with a range of exciting trips, workshops and visitors including with artists and authors. This year, we are also aiming to fund the much-needed renovation of our internal courtyard for the youngest pupils to enjoy outdoor learning activities and play, which are so important for their health, wellbeing and development.

This year it will be held on Friday 14th June 2023 and we do hope you can join us.

Before then there is LOTS of work to do and we need everyone to help please. This week we had a really productive SVPA meeting and are so pleased that there are additional volunteers to help to share the workload.

If you were unable to attend please read the presentation.

We have also sent home our auction letter for parents and started distributing the auction letters for businesses. If you, or anyone you know, if able to make a donation to the auction please do complete the relevant certificate of promise below.

We are so grateful for the wonderful support from our families and the local community. This really is a team effort led by our committed Parents Association (SVPA).  Thank you all!

Click here for the auction letter to businesses


Click here for the auction letter to parents


The closing date for donations is Monday 13th May 2024.

Thank you to everyone who helps to support the auction-this is most appreciated.

This year we are also holding a competition to design a poster to advertise the auction.

We are looking forward to seeing the entries. Below is our first one-the standard is high!

13 comments on “Please support our auction

  1. Julie -SVPA says:

    Thank you.
    We can’t wait to see the entries of the Poster competition.
    Don’t hesitate to come forward if you think you can help the auction team.
    SVPA team

  2. What a beautiful poster!!

  3. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    What an amazing video! The SVPA Auction really helps our school.

  4. Olivia y5 says:

    I love the poster!

  5. Alexander Y3 says:

    What an amazing video!

  6. Hollirose says:

    I did my poster.

  7. I love the final poster. The video was amazing, and showed a lot of things about our school.

  8. GENESIS Y2 says:

    I like the video when it showed some of the classes.

  9. Awesome!!! This video helps support people who are disadvantaged and others in needing.

  10. We are definitely going to get a lot of entries with that poster- it is amazing!

  11. The SVPA is very important to our school.

  12. I liked the poster.

  13. I love this poster too.

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