This morning Nursery were lucky enough to visit Father Philip at St James Church, so that he could give us a tour of the Church!

When we arrived at the Church we were pretty much the only ones there and were lucky enough to have Father Philip show us all around. We started in the lady chapel, which is where some special ceremonies happen (such as christenings and larger Baptisms). We then went around the side and all the way to the back where the special Baptism Font is. Along the way here, there are different locations to light candles and pray to different people. We then went back around the other side to were the pulpit is. Father Philip showed us how the microphone there helps us to hear what the speaker is saying. We then finished at the front of the Church is front of the altar, and Father Philip pointed out all of the special areas around the altar. During our tour we saw lovely statues of lots of different people including Jesus, Mary, St James, St Jude, St Anthony and so many more. We also saw some beauytiful stained glass windows depicting different animals, people and we also saw the story of the great flood.

It was such a special morning exploring our local Church! Thank you to Father Philip for showing us around.

3 comments on “Nursery’s Visit to St James Church

  1. Florence Y3 says:

    I hope you had fun !

  2. Aiden Year 5 says:

    Wow Nursery!!! That looks SO fun!!!
    Wish I was there with you

  3. You look like you had a lot of fun Nursery! I hope you learned more about the church and Jesus.

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