Prayers for Home w/c 22 June

Prayers for Home: W/C: 22nd June 2020

During these unprecedented times, we know how important it is for families to find opportunities to come together and pray and reflect upon the day, the present time and times ahead.

Prayer is so beneficial to us all in different ways but we know that it strengthens the family ties and communication; helping us to heal and find peace. The children at St Vincent’s are always so considerate of others when composing their own prayers. We are always deeply proud of their spirituality and thoughtfulness. During this time, we encourage your child and family to pray, thinking about who may need their prayers and reminding them that prayer brings us closer to God. We are pleased to inform you that Ten:Ten, providers of our Collective Worship resources, are kindly making available a set of daily prayers for you to use at home. St Vincent’s will share the Weekly Prayers with you every Monday, in the hope that we can pray together.

In this week’s Gospel Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not be afraid.” This is a message we hear in the Gospel at different times, mainly from Jesus, but also from others. It’s an important message for us today: it helps us to remember that Jesus is always with us, helping us leave our fears behind and lift our eyes to Him.

Each day the prayers look at different times we hear the words, “Do not be afraid,” said in the Gospels, and help children apply this message to their own lives.

You can find the daily prayers for this week here:







Sunday’s Liturgy

How to Lead:

NB. The Prayer Leader can be an adult or a child.

Slide 1:
The Prayer Leader introduces the theme and invites children to guess the answer to the question on the slide. (Note that Monday’s first slide is slightly different)

Slide 2:
Daily reflections on different times we hear the words, “Do not be afraid,” in the Bible.

Monday – Jesus knows the number of hairs on His disciples’ heads.
Tuesday – Angel Gabriel visits Mary.
Wednesday – Jesus walks on water.
Thursday – Jesus calms the storm.
Friday – Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit.

Slide 3:
Explore how the people being told “Do not be afraid” felt and how we can relate to this to our lives today.

Slide 4:
A time to reflect and pray together.

Whilst some of us are apart it will be wonderful to know that we are sharing this special prayer resource together. You can let us know what you think of the resource in the comments section, or even share some pictures of your special worship space using the file uploader for the attention of Mrs Avdiu.

You can also search for Live Catholic Masses online here: Live Catholic Masses. This directory aims to provide links to Live Catholic Masses online in different languages. Just enter your postcode!

God bless you all.


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