This week was a very exciting and busy week for Year 4!

Throughout the Summer term the class have been working hard to prepare our performance of Macbeth through the Primary Shakespeare Company project.

We have been rehearsing our lines, creating costumes and learning all about the play in our English lessons…

Thank you to the parents who came to our Creativity Afternoon last week to help us prepare for the festival. We really loved having you with us and helping us to create symbols for our characters and painting these on the costumes.

On Wednesday the class attended the summer festival alongside 4 other schools from the Borough of Westminster to each perform an act of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. We warmed up our voices, had one last rehearsal and then it was time for the parents, carers and teachers to sit in the audience as we enthralled them with the gruesome and exciting tale…

Thank you to the parents for coming to show yours support! It was lovely to see you there. Thank you for Miss Coleman, Mrs Duffy and Miss Carruthers for also coming to see what we have been working on throughout the Summer term.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to our directors Barry and Martha May and the entire PSC for all of the hard work you put in to making this happen and bringing our ideas to life.

We will be sharing pictures from the festival as soon as we receive them, in the mean time, here are some I managed to capture throughout our journey…

I am so immensely proud of all of you Year 4! You were all so brave and confident, and your performance truly blew us away!

Congratulations to our acting super stars who performed in front of hundreds of people!

Mr. Kersys.

What was your favourite part of the Primary Shakespeare project and the festival?

9 comments on “Primary Shakespeare Company Festival in Year 4!

  1. Constance says:

    I was so happy to do the Shakespeare project even though l was a bit nervous at the start
    I was really excited to perform in front of 💯 of people l was so proud of me
    I especially enjoyed when we had our snack!!!

  2. Sophia Becci says:

    The Shakespeare was so fun . I loved it I wish that I could do it again because it was not that scary! Barry and Martha may were so kind and Martha may was great at our warm ups at the games were so fun!

  3. Mia 😊 says:

    Dear Mr.Kersys,

    I loved the Shakespeare festival because we got to do it after all our practicing🥳our class worked very hard and they are very proud of themselves

    It was nice because I had a friend from a different school. His mom gave us a ride home🏠. I saw him at the Summer Festival yesterday and we played on loads of rides together!😊

    I was porter 4 and I liked my part

    From Mia 🤪

  4. My favourite part of the Shakespeare was acting in front of over hundreds of parents, also entertaining the guests even though I was very nervous 😩.

    -Layla 👋

  5. It was so fun and I was a bit nervous 😬 but when I got on stage I felt confident that I was going to be able to do this .I was really happy and proud of my self because we were performing in front of everyone but I kept on going .There was a barrier and that was learning the song because it was so long but I managed👏🤩

  6. I loved acting in the play,my favourite part was when in was my turn to act because I had practiced for so long.

  7. Emilia 4 says:

    I really enjoyed the Shakespeare performance of Macbeth because it was a new experience. I loved learning the song and all of my lines. I really enjoyed watching all the other classes as well . I am really going to miss Tuesdays.

  8. Sophia Maria🌈✨ says:

    I really enjoyed singing the double song because we were at the very front so we could see everyone. I was also happy 😃 that we had the greatest speech in Shakespeare in our part👍.I was a bit nervous at first but then I felt better when I saw other people performing. The school act that I liked best (apart from ours) was the Saint Peter’s act because they had an amazing song with robot arms.

  9. Mila🥰 says:

    I loved the Shakespeare show. I agree that after all the hard work it was worth it👍 We practiced our lines and spoke clearly. My favourite part was showing our performance in front of lots of people. I think that we should all be proud of ourselves!🤩🥳

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