Relationships and Health Education: Parental Consultation Feedback

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who responded to our Relationships and Health Education consultation process.

We had 20 responses in total, of which 19 families stated that they fully supported the school in the teaching of Relationships and Health Education and 1 family who are still undecided.

Parents and carers also gave the following feedback on our Relationships and Health Education Policy and curriculum;

“This is a very rich programme and it is very useful to know its content. Parents could even benefit from more detailed sessions / support in some areas ( as you already propose for safe internet).”

“Teaching tolerance towards each other is very important.”

“I think it is very important to learn about equality, respecting others (their appearance, their religion, their opinion) and being happy in your body.”

“I would also be supportive of the school covering the full content on all modules.”

“It is very helpful that the children are being taught to understand that other people may have visible/invisible differences from themselves, and that other people’s relationships may appear different to their own, but that respect, consideration, and an understanding of our own positions, are essential. Negative stereotypes and prejudices can embed at a very young age, and it is vital we work together to reduce these. Thank you.”

“Pleased to read acknowledgment of and respect for the many different types of family which the children may come from and / or encounter.”

Although the consultation process is now completed, you can log on to the TenTen ‘Life to the Full’ parent Portal (details have been e-mailed to you) at any time and the Relationships and Health Policy and Progression map are always available to read on the School Website.

Many thanks again for your feedback,
Kind regards,
Miss Siswick


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