This week in Religious Education, we talked about the story of Easter. We read about the story of Easter last week and so this week re read a different story about Easter and then watched a little movie showing us what happened in real time. We know that on Good Friday Jesus died on the cross because some bad men were not happy with Jesus. We then learnt that on Easter Sunday Jesus came back alive! He spent a little bit of time showing people he was alive and then he was seen going to Heaven to be with his Father, God.

To consolidate our learning of the Easter Story, we then made Easter gardens. We started by putting PVA glue on the bottom of a paper plate and decorating it with green crepe paper to make grass. We then made a little flower garden using pink and yellow tissue paper. Next we used blue tac to stick our crosses that we made last week into our garden. After that we painted our cave brown, and then used cotton wool and sticky tape to glue down the cave. We added some rocks around the base of the cave to complete our Easter garden- it was so much fun!

The team in Nursery hope you all have a happy and safe Easter holidays!

One comment on “Religious Education: Creating Jesus’ Easter Garden!

  1. Wow Nursery, looks like you had a lot of fun making a fantastic Easter garden. Hope you enjoy your Easter break!

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