Year 6 had an exciting trip out today as part of our Manufacto DT project. 

 First, we were invited to visit the Hermès store in New Bond Street before the store opened to the public. We were allowed in through the staff entrance and made our way to the furniture department. We learnt about Hermès and then took part in a furniture treasure hunt in teams. The winners were thrilled with  their prizes and then we were all thrilled to enjoy a second breakfast of delicious pastries!

 Next, it was time for us to make our way on the train to the New School of Furniture Making in Dalston. Emma showed us her studio and demonstrated how to make a wooden stool in under five minutes! Then we all had the chance to make and decorate  a wooden coat peg to take home with us.  

Many thanks to everyone at Hermès for our warm welcome and for developing and funding the project.

Many thanks to Emma for such a great day and for teaching us so much all term.  

Many thanks to all the parents who accompanied us. We wouldn’t be able to take part in these great experiences without your support. 

5 comments on “Year 6 Manufacto Visit

  1. I had a lot of fun and the pastries were really yummy!

  2. The pastries were really fun I loved it and making the pegs were really fun

  3. Hope you guys had fun on your trip. Year 6 pupils told me all about your trip and it sounded amazing!

  4. Madeleine yr6 says:

    The pastries were so good!
    I had so much fun decorating my creation!
    I can’t believe I got this opportunity.

  5. Alexander Y3😇 says:

    Seems very good!!!!!!!!!😊

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