Religious Education- Holy Communion

In our Religious Education lessons we have been learning about the Eucharist. We started our learning by talking about the special meals we have with our families.

This week we have been learning about Holy Communion. We have learnt religious words, such as, host, chalice and paten. We learnt that when the bread and the wine is blessed it becomes the body and blood of Christ. We have been learning the Our Father prayer. This is said by everyone after Holy Communion. It is called the Father’s prayer because God is a father and he cares and loves us all.

We made our own hosts today and acted out the role of the Priest during Mass.

Have a look at some photos! Well done Year 1 for all your great learning!

One comment on “Religious Education- Holy Communion

  1. Penelope year 4 says:

    Well Done Year 1 ! Those look fantastic. I hope you will enjoy doing your Holy Communion just like me !

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