The Lord’s Prayer

We are nearing the end of our Unity topic where we have focused on The Eucharist. 

Our lesson today focused on The Lord’s Prayer. The Communion Rite focuses on peace, unity and forgiveness. The Christian family comes to the Lord’s table united in love of Jesus and of one another.

The Our Father comes between the Eucharistic Prayer and the giving of Holy Communion.

It sums up everyone’s prayers and hopes. It is addressed to ‘Our Father’, not ‘my Father’, so uniting the family of God into the love of the Father. It was the prayer that Jesus himself gave us. The disciples asked Jesus for help to pray and he gave them this prayer. It is prayer which unities all Christians which is why this prayer is so wonderful!

However, after studying why we say this prayer, we then thought ‘Do we know what it means?’ We spent some time analysing the language and unpicking the meaning behind each line. Afterwards, we all annotated The Lord’s Prayer so next time that we say this wonderful prayer during Mass, we know what Jesus is trying to tell us in each line. 


3 comments on “The Lord’s Prayer

  1. Lavinia😃 says:

    I learned a lot during this topic, and it was really interesting 🙂

  2. Miss Gorick says:

    Hi Lavinia 🙂 Thank you for your comment. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed this topic-you produced some brilliant pieces of work!

  3. *+...Elsa...+* says:

    It was really fun! At school, we worked in teams of two and we really enjoyed this lesson!

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