Our current Religious Education topic is the ‘Local Church.’ We have been learning about how people celebrate with the parish family. 

So far, we have learnt about what celebrations are and thought of different types of celebrations like birthdays, Christmas and a Baptism. We talked about our favourite memories from celebrations.

This week we learnt about the parish family. Sometimes the parish family celebrates in church, sometimes outside church. We looked at pictures of parts of the church that are used during celebrations like the font and altar.

We explored what we would find in the church such as people, the priest, the crucifix, hymn books and stained glass windows. In the outdoor area, we made our own churches.

We talked about our ideas about the church…

“We need to go the church because baby Jesus is born. We need to do a prayer.” – Douce

“The church needs to be quiet. They sing songs and then do be quiet for the priest to read a story and special book.” – Isabelle

“We pray. Father Christopher takes the candle.” – Weslley

“I went to church my sister, my brothers, Daddy, Mummy. I walk in church. My hair in water. I got wet.” – Jack

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  1. Great work nursery!

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