Last week was Science Week!

Year 1 had such a fun week completing science experiments and a science workshop. This years theme was ‘Time’.

Firstly in assembly, we were shown the reaction of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate! We saw how quickly the reaction took place and started to fizz, producing bubbles. As our theme this year is time, each class was going to be given the chance to complete this experiment again, to see if we can slow down the time of the reaction!

In class the children were given vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to mix together, so they could see for themselves how quickly the reaction takes place. Then we were given three different materials to put the sodium in, before adding vinegar. The three different materials gave different reaction times, all producing a fizzing reaction but some quicker than others. The class were lucky enough to take their experiment into the courtyard, placing the wrapped sodium into their vinegar, and shaking the container it was placed into. Once the lid was on the container and it had been given a good shake, we saw the best reactions yet! The containers fizzed up so much, that they popped open and flew into the sky.

Seeing the differences in reaction time was a great way for the children to explore and experiment with mixing different components and understanding not only their chemical reaction, but the impact different materials and quantities has on the reaction.

As part of our science topic of Materials, we also planned and completed an experiment in class. We have been learning lots about different materials and the importance of their properties. Year 1 have been working very hard this term to think about many different materials; comparing their appearance, grouping them into categories, discussing their uses and the importance properties that make them useful!

To explore this even further, we planned for an experiment all about whether chosen materials have the properties of being waterproof or absorbent. The materials we tested were plastic, using a sandwich bag and cling film, tin foil, toilet roll and paper. The children wrapped different soft toys with each material, and then worked together to pour water over the toy, finally unwrapping the material and to see whether each material had kept the toy dry!

This was our first science experiment in Year 1 and the children had great fun working together and completing this as a class. Year 1 then worked very hard to be scientists and write up the results of their experiment!

3 comments on “Science Week in Year 1

  1. The experiment was so fun 🤩. I loved when we wrapped the teddies in the four different materials that were plastic‘paper‘tissue’.

  2. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Science week rocks! Great job Y1!

  3. Science week is such a fun week! I hope you liked the experiment that you did with Miss Walsh.

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