This week, to celebrate Science Week, we took part in a science workshop led by Aveea 

In assembly, we were shown the exciting chemical reaction that occurs when you mix vinegar and sodium bicarbonate!

We were then given the challenge of slowing the chemical reaction down so that we could use the force to launch a rocket.

In teams, we experimented with different materials and to try to slow the reaction down. We had to use a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate wrapped in the material and place it into a small beaker and pour 5 ml of vinegar onto it before timing the reaction. 

After choosing the materials which caused the slowest reaction time, we  headed outside to test our rockets and see whose rocket would go the highest.

We loved launching our rockets and would have loved to show you some photographs of this part of the workshop but, unfortunately, they were too fast to photograph!

What did you learn and what did you enjoy most about the investigation, Year 6?

27 comments on “Science Week Workshop

  1. This workshop was really fun because we had to solve the problem but use different techniques and materials and figure and which was the best one . In my opinion the tissue paper was the best . We have to put the carbon dioxide on our material then fold it in a particular way and then we dip it in vinegar not fully then go outside put the lid on and experiment. Mine did go high but not the highest!

  2. I really liked doing this experiment. It was really fun seeing them flying up in the air

  3. it was really fun and i loved shooting the rockets.

  4. I enjoyed the science workshop very much. I also enjoyed the experiment.

  5. Madeleine says:

    I loved doing the experiment and I learned that if you mix vinegar with baking soda it does a chemical reaction and fizzes upwards.

  6. Constance says:

    I loved this workshop. My favourite part was when we tried to blast the rockets into the air. I hope we cam do this again soon.

  7. Hollirose says:

    soo much fun I liked learning more about Science and I like how it went with the theme time

  8. This workshop was really fun but ours didn’t go the highest.

  9. Sophia B yr6 says:

    I enjoyed the science week workshop because it was SO much fun getting to blast the rockets in the courtyard! I loved getting to work with my friends.

  10. I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about time and how to delay the explosion.

  11. I enjoyed watching the rocket blasting up into space👍

  12. This was very fun. I learnt about the way the bicarbonate of soda and the vinegar reacted to each other and I really enjoyed when the container burst.

  13. julian y6 says:

    I loved how the experiment demonstrated a small scale rocket by using pressure to launch our makeshift rocket high into the air just by containing the gas released by the chemical reaction from the baking soda and vinegar.

  14. George y6 says:

    I really enjoyed making rockets out of optional equipment which is paper, card and tissue. Sadly our rocket didnt go the furthest but we were close😊😁👍.

  15. Layla grace!!!!yr6 says:

    I had a great time creating these rockets! What I watched was completely unexpected, but in a good way! The type of science we learnt was so fun. And I now know that this is something that I can do at home!!!!!!

  16. I loved working with other people and I really want to do it again.

  17. Science week was so fun and I never expected my team’s experiment to go that high !

  18. Sophie Yr6 says:

    This workshop was so fun! My rocket went high but not the highest. I loved trying different ways to try blast our rocket because it used resilience.

  19. I loved doing the experiment and finding out and testing what materiel worked better if we were to launch the small rocket I loved it when the capsule flew into the air

  20. It was really fun launching the rocket and seeing how far it would go. My favourite part was testing it.

  21. It was so fun shooting the rockets, and I learnt a lot.

  22. Ilove the experiment ant it was so fun. It went so far and we put vinegar and baking soda

  23. Marie = ) says:

    I had sooooo much fun with the rockets!! My team’s one went very high. One rocket hit the roof!! It was amazing.

  24. Albert Y6 says:

    I had so much fun! We figured out that tissue was the best material to use!

  25. It was so fun and i think my group’s rocket went the highest in the school.

  26. Catherine says:

    I loved the workshop and liked how we got to experiment with all the different materials and reactions that occurred.

  27. This was so much fun! We got to do an experiment that we had never done before and which was over the top!

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