Today we continued our learning of printing.

We all created a string print. First we were each given a cardboard tile. We used PVA glue and string to create our pattern. We then painted on top of the string and pressed it down onto our piece of paper. We created wonderful prints. We could choose to use different colours or use block colours.

After we had finished, we took a piece of string for a walk. We dipped the string into paint and then created a pattern on the paper. We had lots of messy fun today and learnt a lot too!

Have a look at some photos! 


3 comments on “String printing in Art!

  1. Adelaide Pereira says:

    This is a lovely art activity. Alexandra told me so much about it and how much she enjoyed it:-)
    Thank you Miss Travers!

  2. I liked painting and I liked how we took the string for a walk on the paper and I liked squirting the paint onto the tray and delivering it to the classroom.

  3. Lucy Joey’s mum says:

    This looks great fun!

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