We love to sing!

The comments on the Music Blog last week show just how much you are missing singing at school. Mr Rees looked at your comments and decided that the most popular song is All I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee so he has recorded his playing for you to sing along to. Enjoy!

We look forward to all being back at school and singing together soon! 

3 comments on “We love to sing!

  1. This version of the song has three verses.
    The first verse is very slow, but don’t worry, that is the warm up.
    The second verse is a bit quicker.
    The last verse is more of a challenge, but I think with a little practise you’ll get it!

  2. Thank you Mr Rees, I had great time singing this with my mum.It was alot of fun!

  3. I’m glad you and your mum enjoyed it Finley. Hope you managed to fit all those words in the last verse!

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