Wellbeing Assembly

Every Monday afternoon at 14:00 all classes in the school will watch a specially chosen assembly that we hope that all the children working from home can join in and watch at the same time.

This week’s assembly is all about Wellbeing.  It includes a sing-a-long with the London West End cast of Disney’s The Lion King and a teacher discusses the use of texture in art. As a school we love to sing and we love to be creative so this assembly seems well suited to us. If you have any art work you are proud of or any other ideas about wellbeing, please share them in the in the comments below or send your work to Miss Coleman using the Homework Uploader .

Remember to end the assembly by saying our special school prayer.

Dear God,

Thank you for me,

Thank you for my friends,

Thank you for my family,

Thank you for everyone at St. Vincent’s.


Help us to be better friends,

Help us to be kind and caring to others

Help us to have an outstanding education

Help us to follow God’s way.


Together through Christ we grow and learn.

Hi Miss Coleman, I liked doing this project. I tried making a balloon out of cardboard and it has a message that everyone should do.


4 comments on “Wellbeing Assembly

  1. Ophelia and family says:

    It was amazing!

  2. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you for sharing your creative art work and positive feedback. I agree with your important message-we should all LOVE LIFE.

  3. Ariella year six says:

    I really enjoyed this weeks and can’t WAIT for next weeks virtual assembly!

  4. Amarissa year 4😊🙂🙃 says:

    Me too!🥳🥳👾🐯🤗😆

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