This week, Green Team met for their weekly representative team meeting. Today, we were joined by the Junior Travel Ambassadors. We talked about this years ‘Hands Up’ travel survey. The surveys help to improve understanding of travel patterns in schools and help to reduce the impact of travel on the health of residents and the environment.

We split into groups and discussed how we would carry out the survey. We each had an individual class to visit to conduct the survey. Some of the questions included…

How did you travel to school today?
How would you like to travel to school?
Do you feel safe on your journey to and from school?

Thank you to all classes for taking part in this year’s ‘Hands Up’ travel survey today.

It was interesting to find out that the most popular mode of transport to school was ‘walking.’

Well done to Green Team and the Junior Travel Ambassadors for carrying out the survey today.

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