This week, we have been celebrating St Vincent’s Book Week!

As part of this week, we have been really fortunate to visit Daunt Books where we could cash in our World Book Day vouchers for a brand-new book. We really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with our friends, and lovely parent volunteers as we browsed the shelves in such a beautiful bookshop. We had lots of different books to choose from, which ranged from non-fiction texts such as Can You Get Jellyfish in Space? to fiction texts such as Loki: Tales of a Bad God. There was even a book called Greg the Sausage Roll, which lots of us thought look sued really funny!

Yesterday, we celebrated our own St Vincent’s Book Day where we came in a huge range of costumes from our favourite books. Early on in the day, we then found out that our teachers were dressed as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have been reading this text as a class and have been loving it. We enjoyed an assembly where we could parade around in our costumes and show off our favourite books.

After this, a teacher from Year 1 came into our class to teach us a little bit more about character descriptions. We spoke about Mr Wonka and shared some adjectives to describe him. We also read an example of a character description from the Gruffalo to help us understand what we were aiming for with our writing. We even spoke about similes! When Miss Forster Adams came back to us, we expanded our learning to write about any other character from the story. This was fun as we could choose who we wanted to write about, and we used a word bank for each, to create new and interesting character descriptions.

Later, we enjoyed a visit from Helen Tozer, a story-teller, who walked us through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in such a fun and engaging way. We got to smell the delicious chocolate and we even sang a song! After this, we worked well in groups to create our own sweets or chocolate from different materials. We could even make packaging! Before we were set off to do this task, we impressed Helen by telling her about the inventions that we know from reading the story. We told her about the square sweets that look round and the fizzy pop that makes you float. We would like to say a huge thank you to Helen for the time that she spent with us!

We ended our day by welcoming our siblings, parents, and family members into our class as we read and shared some of our favourite stories. We really loved this time with our family members and would like to thank them for coming to school to spend this time with us.

Thank you so much to Miss Jones for organising this special week for us. We have absolutely loved it!

6 comments on “World Book Day in Year 2

  1. I love world book day because I loved others clothes. AND I LOVE TO READ

  2. I loved World Book Day.

  3. I loved world book day.

  4. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Great costumes Y2!


  6. Genesis Y2 says:

    I loved world book day because we got to wear our costums and i loved my costum and everyone elses

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