Today we celebrated the end of our World Week with our special assembly celebrating the rich diversity of languages, countries and cultures of everyone at St Vincent’s.

We all live in Great Britain but our families and friends come from all over the world.

We all speak English at school but many of us speak other languages at home.

All of the children in our school were invited to represent their heritage countries in our assembly today. We are thrilled that  more than a quarter of the school have chosen to take part. They are  representing 26 different countries spread over five continents of the world. 

We hope that you enjoy our assembly! Well done to everyone who performed!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

11 comments on “World Week: International Assembly

  1. WOW what a great assembly it was so nice to watch everyone’s acts they were so impressive!

  2. Heloise M Y5 says:

    It was really exciting!
    Although, it was also a bit long because my part was near the end!

  3. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    I felt very happy to be participating in the assembly. I liked performing my dance a lot. I wish I could dance for more than a minute. 🥰🥰
    Also, I loved everyone’s outfits. It was such a brilliant day. Thank you to Miss Siswick for organising this show. Thank you to SV. I love my school.
    Happy half-term everyone!

  4. Isabella RH says:

    I loved the bit when my friends sang the Yellow submarine and I also really loved when I sang “Laterne” with my friend Zeyn. Laterne is a German song about lanterns.

  5. I loved performing!

  6. Florence Y3🤗 says:

    Well done everyone who performed in the cultural assembly.

  7. It was great seeing all the different countries and all the performances. It was just amazing!!😃😃

  8. Well done everyone for you acting and for your outfits even for the people that did not do the assembly.

  9. Molly year3 says:

    I loved preforming- it was so fun! It was nice to share my music from my country and to see other people show there music, facts, dances, poems and songs .I loved international day and wished it would happen every single day!

  10. Sophie yr 6 says:

    I loved watching the assembly and dressing up as my culture. Even though I did not perform, I loved learning about different cultures!

  11. ROMEY YEAR 6 says:

    This was lots of fun I enjoyed watching all the performers and I learnt lots about all different places around the world . WELL DONE EVERYONE

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