This morning Year 2 performed their fantastic assembly all about ‘Food and Farming in the UK’.

They taught us where food comes from before it is in the supermarkets as well as the different types of farmers and farms. We heard about the different animals you might have on a farm, like chickens and cows, and the different food we can get from them. It is important that all the animals are well looked after on the farm and have plenty of space to roam around! They also shared an important reminder that some food travels very far to reach our shops, which is not good for the environment, so we should try to buy and eat locally grown food.

We hope you enjoy watching the assembly. Well done Year 2!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

12 comments on “Year 2 Assembly

  1. Alexandra 🥰 😍 🥰 says:

    Great job Y2! 👏
    So much information about the farming industry. I still remember my assembly last year. I was a beef farmer. 🐮🐄🐮😄
    I loved the song “food glorious food.”

  2. Florence Y3😇🙂 says:

    I loved your assembly Year 2! I loved all your costumes!

  3. I loved it 🥰 it was so good.

  4. Thanks guys. It was fun. It took all of us time but we did it! My favorite song was Glorious Food. Thanks again Miss Forster Adams and other teachers.
    I loved it too.

  5. Guerlain says:

    We had a short time to practice but we went home and practiced our lines and our songs. My favourite song was “Food glorious food”.

  6. Genesis Y2 says:

    l had so much fun being a farmer and saying my lines. Everyone else was great. Well done everyone.

  7. I loved the songs, everyone was joining in and singing so nicely! 👌

  8. I loved 🥰 the assembly and I loved ❤️ to be one of the farmers!
    It was so much fun 🤩!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I really enjoyed our assembly and I enjoyed learning my lines

  10. Sebastian Y2 says:

    Well done y2 wonderful assembly. Just want to say thank you to all the teachers who taught us about farming. 🐷🐄🚜

  11. Genesis Y2 says:

    l really liked my assembly and saying my lines it was really fun and l enjoyed it too!!!

  12. I loved my assembly ♥️my favourite song was Glorious Food🥘🍎🍪

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