Year 3 got the chance to visit Epping Forest today to take part in some orienteering and art activities.

After a smooth journey to Epping we arrived and got ready for the orienteering. With the help of our instructor, Olivia, we discussed the different compass directions and learnt how to orientate a map so that we could easily read it to find the exact place where the clues were located. Using coordinates and our map reading skills to find 8 different clues all over Epping Forest. We also had to bag and a timeline to help us work out the different periods of history the clues were from. There were stone age artefacts, a recording from World War II and a Tudor hunting lodge which was commissioned by King Henry VIII himself! During the orienteering course we saw many animals which live in the forest such as moths, geese, magpies and a heron!

We then had our much anticipated lunch in the sun and enjoyed playing games with our friends! Year 4 even came to join in playing with the parachute and we had lots of fun running around and playing in the field.

Our next challenge was to find things in the fields and in the forest for each colour of the rainbow! We stuck these onto sticky card and collected little parts of the forest in different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, pink and violent (no blue or indigo mind!). It was quite tricky to begin with but we quickly found pink flower petals, green leaves and red grass! It was so fun to explore the different shapes, textures and colours of the natural things which are in the forest. When we had filled our sticky pads with lots of colourful things, we took time to sketch them and other things we could find in the forest. Year 3 did some brilliant sketches and tried out many different techniques such as a shading, adding shadows and rubbing over leaves to create an outline. 

Thank you to the SVPA for funding our trip to Epping Forest. We had a brilliant day and it was so nice to be out in the country side and amongst nature. We learnt so many new things and bonded with our class mates. Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our trip, we couldn’t do it without you!

What was your favourite part about our trip to Epping Forest?

14 comments on “Year 3 visit Epping Forest

  1. Florence Y3😎😛 says:

    Epping Forest was the best. My favourite part of the trip was going on a scavenger hunt to find plants of every colour of the rainbow 🌈.

  2. Caspian ⚽️ says:

    I have enjoyed the trip very much, especially sketching.
    Thank you Mr Kersys !!!

  3. Alexandra says:

    What a fantastic trip!! I had so much fun orienteering in the forest. The clues were fun to work out with my team. Thank you Mr. Kersys and all my teachers for organising.

  4. Florence Y3😎 says:

    Thank you Mr. Kersys for planning this wonderful trip!

  5. Charles year3⚽ says:

    My favourite part of the trip was the treasure hunt. I really liked the trip!

  6. I really liked this trip . Thank you for organising it.

  7. This trip was so fun! I loved the orienteering. Although it was fun we got a little bit lost.

  8. I liked the orienteering part of the trip because we got to go in the forest and use the bag to work out the clues. Thank you Mr Kersys for organising the school trip.

  9. Adelaide year 3 says:

    I loved the trip to epping forest but my favourite thing was when we did the orienteering in the forest!

  10. Thank you teachers for planning this trip

  11. Phillyppe says:

    Thank you teachers for organising a fantastic trip!
    I loved sketching.
    Thank you Mr Kersys.

  12. Alexander Y3 says:

    I liked the ointeering part! Thank you!

  13. This trip was fun because we had to find every team .

  14. Alda Year3 says:

    I loved the Epping forest trip ,I liked the scavenger hunt we got to learn about the history of the forest we had to find eight posts in a bag we had a clue for the answer to the question on the tag. I also liked that we went into the forest together and did pictures. Thank you for all the people who organised this trip.

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